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Asheron's Call Community Wiki
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Founded by: Gouru
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: MMORPG
Backups: 2014-05-03
For the currently active independently hosted site located at, see: AC Community Wiki.
For the spoon wiki site remaining on Wikia / Fandom, see: Asheron's Call Community Wiki (Wikia).
This Asheron's Call Community Wiki has been dead (offline) since mid 2014.

This article is for the original independently hosted Asheron's Call Community Wiki, located at from 2007, then moved briefly to Wikia, before leaving Wikia for Wikkii.

This particular wiki site vanished sometime mid 2014 with the demise of Wikkii.

Wiki size: 26,330 article pages see stats
wikiFactor: 28 info / verify

(Page count as of: 2014-05-28
wikiFactor as of: 2012-MM-DD)

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Asheron's Call Community Wiki, also known as ACCWiki or ACCW, was a player-run wiki site that documented patch day information, quest write ups, creatures, dungeon maps, and gear; for the 'massively multiplayer online role-playing game' (MMORPG) Asheron's Call published by Turbine, Inc.

Brief history

Asheron's Call Community Wiki (ACCW) was founded 11 October 2007 at by Gouru of Morningthaw. The wiki existed in its first two years being hosted privately, but due to the very large size the wiki grew into, it was decided to to migrate to Wikia in September 2009, where the site's URL was changed to However, the Wikia 'honeymoon' was short-lived; in October 2010, a decision was made to leave Wikia, and would migrate this time to Wikkii, at Furthermore, Wikkii generously allowed us to regain use of our original address to help as many people as possible find us at our current location.