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Backyardigans_Fanon_Wiki_Logo.png Backyardigans Fanon Wiki
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Status: Active
Language: English
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Main topic: Entertainment

Backyardigans Fanon Wiki is a Wikia "fanon" site featuring articles about fan-created The Backyardigans characters, episodes, and spin-offs. The main administrators of The Backyardigans Wiki (founder Pablor and co-creator Mélodilous) are bureaucrats on the site.


The wiki features articles about unofficial The Backyardigans-related topics. Most of its articles are fan-made episode ideas, though there are also articles about ideas for new characters and spin-offs on the original show. Several pages are about YouTube videos starring plush toy versions of the Backyardigans characters. It is the only Backyardigans site on Wikia not to include the word "The" in its title.

Wiki Size: 69 article pages see stats