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Founded by: Inquisitor Ehrenstein
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
Main topic: Discrimination
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(As of: 2013-07-07)

Bigotry Wiki, created by Inquisitor Ehrenstein October 2012, serves as a special interest 'encyclopedia' for documenting and making fun of bigotry. Any examples of bigotry, either in real life or on the internet, are acceptable. While users are encouraged to submit any occurrences of bigotry they encounter, use of the wiki is monitored to prevent abuse. Using the wiki to harass other people through accusations of bigotry is not tolerated. Currently, the main topics are racists, homophobes and mens' rights activists.

It should be noted that this is a wiki of opinion – initially from the point of view (POV) of the wiki creator; and, as with all opinions, differing people may have differing views across the spectrum of the subject-matter of the wiki. Some folks may be in total agreement with the point of view, whereas, others may legitimately be diametrically opposed to the point of view. And whilst the wiki states it won't tolerate folks using the wiki to harass others, the wiki is filled with rather inappropriate language when attempting to provide commentary on others, such as "Their wiki is a shitty attempt", and "basically just a butthurt rant about his own experiences"[1] .... If careful attention isn't followed by the wiki owner (such as using more balanced language when providing commentary, and including independent citations), it could effectively turn out to be a one-person vendetta, to a low common denominator.

This is countered by policies to maintain a broad and basic approach to the POV; only clear examples will be documented, and it a way that will be acceptable to most non bigoted people and without bigotry. For example, religion is often criticized as being bigoted against gays, women, and Jews in the case of non Jewish religions. While bigotry of religious groups could be documented and made fun of, care would be taken to avoid an atheist-centric approach of portraying all of religion as bigoted, or diverging into non bigotry related problems, such as irrational superstitions.