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Main topic: Biofuels

The purpose of the Biofuels Wiki is to create a virtual biofuels community and a one-stop hub for information about renewable liquid fuels. To make biofuels in large quantities sustainably, it requires science, research, agriculture, forestry, feedstocks, logistical solutions, transportation, education, training, production, policy, distribution; and people willing to put these biofuels blends in their vehicles. Because of the wide range of subject matter and specializations in this field, information about biofuels in all of these areas is often disconnected. In this wiki, we hope to provide a single interconnected place to find good information about the entire biofuels spectrum.

The wiki, owned by the Biofuels Center of North Carolina, was formerly run on the Canvas wiki engine, but in April 2011, has since moved to Foswiki.

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