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Boat Design Wiki –
The Boat Design & Boat Building Site

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(As of: 2013-05-30 –

Boat Design Wiki – The Boat Design & Boat Building Site — the idea of this 'wiki' is to provide a collaborative knowledge base encyclopedia relating to boat design and boat building.

The host vBulletin forum provides active discussion, and an opportunity for questions to be asked, but much great information developed in the discussion format is not tightly categorised. The wiki allows information to be presented, developed, and edited by the community in format defined by topic.

All Boat Design forum members are welcome to post articles in the Boat Design Wiki. As we work through any issues during the beta phase of the Boat Design Wiki, please post any questions or problems you encounter at

Thank you all for helping with the start of yet another phase of the Boat Design Net community which has grown so rapidly these last few years. (the idea of creating this wiki was born in this thread by SeaSpark)