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Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: GNU Free Documentation License
Main topic: Pedophilia
Wiki size: 1,942 article pages see stats
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(Page count as of: 2018-05-29
wikiFactor as of: 2013-07-18)

BoyWiki is a wiki associated with the Free Spirits network that is devoted to discussion of boylove, which the site describes as "the strong feelings of attraction and affection that adults feel towards [young] boys". The main page of the site notes, "en.boywiki is rebuilding from our extended offline period. Articles are being restored from the previous database. New user accounts can be opened but editing permissions are not automatic. BoyWiki also needs an administration team. For editing privileges or interest in joining the team, contact". Stub articles are called "fledglings" on this site; its page on the subject notes, "In real life, a fledgling is a young bird just beginning to learn to fly. It is often used metaphorically about an inexperienced or young person, or a young entity or enterprise."

The original BoyWiki proposal called for a hierarchy of a Keeper, Curators, and Scribes. A number of security measures were introduced, including only allowing the Curator team to add images, disabling all tracking or displaying of IP addresses, and enabling the complete expunging of problematic edits (a euphemism for content that could get the site in trouble with law enforcement). The site was deliberately put on a separate domain from the rest of "Free Spirits" in order to distance the wiki's collection of many different opinions and viewpoints from expressing any official endorsement of content by Free Spirits.

As of 2012, the site appeared to have been mostly inactive since May 2009, although the site owners were responding to emails. By 2014, there was considerable activity, but mostly from a single user, Etenne. Etenne commented in a 13 December 2013 BoyChat post that BoyWiki is better than Wikipedia because BoyWiki lacks a child protection policy. BoyChat has been on the English Wikipedia's blacklist since 2010, when Fox News reported there were a grand total of 12 external links to BoyChat. This number was confirmed by the Wikipedians; they also confirmed "All of the links appear in old talk archives or from project page discussions." In light of the outcome of wikipedia:Project:Articles for deletion/BoyChat, they felt there was no benefit to the encyclopedia of leaving the URL unblacklisted.

The procedures for becoming a BoyWiki scribe have been greatly streamlined, inasmuch as now one need only email Etenne with a requested username and password and he will create an account. As of March 2014, the site was anticipating an imminent upgrade from MediaWiki 1.13 to a more recent version.

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