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NoLogo.png BusinessWiki
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Wiki engine founder
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
Interface language: English
Programming language: PHP
Software license: Commercial License
Status: Active

BusinessWiki is wiki engine based on MediaWiki from Poland. BusinessWiki authors offer new quality – extending MediaWiki with new features, better usability and user experience. BusinessWiki is available in open-source version, hosted version and in custom projects version.


Main features[edit]

  • Visual editing
  • Folders and tags
  • Easy PDF document creating
  • Backups mechanisms
  • Multiple feeds allowing to track information and notify about changes (RSS, mail, mobile web)
  • Comprehensive user guide
  • Compatibility with MediaWIki (database standard, wiki-text) and Open-source version for your safety.

Personal dashboard[edit]

  • Customized dashboard
  • Announcements, My contribution, Recent changes, My watchlist
  • Social news feeds helps direct attention


  • Document templates simplifying the work with the wiki. Example templates are: Meeting note, To-do list, Project leading, Interesting links, Dictionary, FAQ
  • Italicise, bold and underline your text
  • Mark text using colours
  • Use multiple levels of headings to organise your documents
  • Format text with bullets, numbering and tables
  • Insert links, images and plugins
  • Experienced wiki users may use wiki-text
  • Attach files


  • Personal profiles
  • BusinessWiki tracks who edited which page and how they changed


  • Create any number of workspaces


  • Co-operative document edition
  • Comments
  • Tagging
  • Full revision history with rollback
  • File sharing


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use graphical editor
  • Also available wiki-text editor for hard-users
  • Export content do PDF

Content linking[edit]

  • Link to a page file or to an image


  • Personalized watch list to track things that interest to you
  • Subscribe to changes via email or RSS


  • Powerful search finds wiki pages and files
  • BusinessWiki can search the contents of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDF files, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, HTML, XML, sources and text files
  • Folders easy to use
  • Page Index
  • Tag pages with any number of tags
  • Search by tags, titles, authors, dates, contents
  • You can view most popular tags to get an idea of the most popular topics


  • Pages are grouped into Folders
  • Pages can be organised hierarchically to help your readers navigate
  • Organize content using tags and links
  • Create custom navigation with tables of contents, links, tags, searches
  • Re-use content by including pages
  • Share web content with widgets for RSS feeds, searches, and more
  • It is easy to restructure your wiki with Move function

Custom projects[edit]

  • Create custom skins to match your brand
  • Easy transfer form hosted service to client server
  • MediaWiki database standard compatibility
  • Integration with IBM Lotus
  • Integration with Micorosft Sharepoint
  • REST and SOAP APIs enable content and application integration
  • REST API supports the Atom Publishing Protocol standard
  • RSS and Atom feed format standard
  • Convert the content from other wiki and data sources


  • Minimal installation and administration
  • Administrator-controlled, automated upgrade
  • SSL-protected browser access
  • Detailed reports on adoption and usage
  • Web-based administrative console
  • Centrally view and manage users and workspace configuration
  • open source version

Support and services[edit]

  • Full technical support and help
  • Training and adoption consulting
  • Users forum

Software architecture[edit]

BusinessWiki can be made more advanced and useful for various purposes through its extensions. Many of the available extensions are simple scripts to allow embedding content such as Adobe Flash files or HTML forms. Others add complex new behavior to the wiki syntax, such as Semantic MediaWiki which provides the ability to add structured and searchable relations and attributes to wiki pages (cf. semantic web).

Examples of extensions that could improve a wiki are:

  • Ratings extension
  • Category suggestion extension
  • RSS feed inclusion
  • Flash inclusion
  • YouTube inclusion

Because MediaWiki (BusinessWiki is based on MediaWiki engine) is used to run one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet, Wikipedia, MediaWiki performance and scalability have been highly optimized. MediaWiki supports Squid caches, load-balanced database replication, client-side caching, memcached or table-based caching for frequently accessed processing of query results, a simple static file cache, feature-reduced operation, revision compression, and a job queue for database operations.

Open Source[edit]

BusinessWiki bases on MediaWiki open source platform. Hundreds of thousands developers arround the world work on MediaWiki - for best performance, scalability and security.