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Busty Resources Wiki
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Founded by: Hmwith
Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Women
Backups: 2014-06-03
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(As of: 2018-07-14)

Busty Resources Wiki, a Wikia lifestyle community wiki is the wiki detailing everything you need to know about living with breasts.

Inspired by the lack of consistent, reliable, and accessible information related to breasts available online, Busty Resources was created and maintained by users of reddit.com as a one-stop spot with all the collective bra-and-breast-knowledge gathered by users all over the world.

On Busty Resources, you can find all sorts of detailed information, from how to find the right size and shape of bra for your body, to how to tell if your bra does (or doesn't) fit, or how to detect for breast cancer. You can find descriptions of just how many different breast shapes there are, figure out how to convert international bra sizes, and find a sports bra or a bra-sized bathing suit that actually fits. The largest page on Busty Resources is its offline retailer list, which helps you find nearby bra retailers that sell your size, but you can even find a list of companies that make clothing that fits your curves, or discover your new favorite lingerie brand.

Learn about the different surgeries preformed on breasts, find out what a 34D or a 30J really looks like, or read a detailed guide on how to properly wash, care for, and put on your bras. If you want to know it, we've got the facts and sources, and if it's not up yet, perhaps you could spare a few minutes to help us build Busty Resources.

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