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Consensus polling

Consensus polling is about winning together or refusing to play the game. Because it can be a laborious process, it is most appropriate when a group of individuals must collectively solve a problem that affects them all. It seeks to avoid voting for candidate options (see Meatball:VotingIsEvil) when such a vote would generate winners and losers and thus divide the community that must support the result of the collective decision.

Rather than a menu of candidates to choose from, the entire process is controlled by an evolving Yes/No vote. The vote reflects the suitability of a single community-owned solution being generated through a process of collaborative collective intelligence. All participants are free to change their vote at any time. A yes vote says "I believe the current articulation of our solution is good enough," a no vote says "I have concerns that haven't been adequately addressed by the current solution." Only when the Yes votes pass some very high, pre-specified threshold (e.g., 90%) can the solution proposed be considered to reflect the consensus of the community.

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