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Der Chaostreff Leipzig (c3le) organisiert seit über einem Jahr regelmässige Treffen und Vorträge. Wir sind eine Gruppe von CCC-Sympathisanten und einiger CCC-Mitglieder, die sich in erster Linie über die Mailingliste austauschen.

The Chaos Computer Club e.V. (CCC) is Europe's largest association of hackers. For more than thirty years, we are providing information about technical and societal issues, such as surveillance, privacy, freedom of information, hacktivism, data security, and many other interesting things around technology and hacking issues. As the most influential hacker collective in Europe, we organise campaigns, events, lobbying, and publications, as well as anonymising services and communication infrastructure. There are many hackerspaces in and around Germany which belong to or share a common bond to the CCC as stated in our hacker ethics.

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