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CAN Wiki, the CAN-bus Wiki project
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CAN Wiki, the CAN-bus wiki project, is a page collection intended to provide shared information about aspects of using the automotive electronic CAN-bus, originally developed by Robert Bosch GmbH back in 1983, and first used in Mercedes-Benz cars in 1992.[1]

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus system, developed initially to be used in cars to exchange information between different electronic components. CAN protocols are now standardised by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), under ISO 11898. Besides now being universally implemented on all cars, is also used extensively within the wider automotive industry; including light commercial vehicles (vans, pickups), heavy commercial vehicles (lorries, trucks, articulated tractor units and trailers), and passenger carrying vehicles (buses, coaches). Wider industrial uses include sub-sea communications, medical facilities, consumer goods, marine products, and more.

Hosted in Germany, CAN wiki originally used the AwkiAwki wiki engine, and was part of the specialist website. CAN Wiki subsequently migrated to use the more comprehensive DokuWiki engine in December 2011,[2] and now has its own specific domain:

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