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CVSNTWiki.png CVSNT Wiki
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Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Software

Open source support wiki for the free CVS pserver for Windows and Unix/Linux.

The CVSNT server provides versioning of all the files on your Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix workstations and servers. Any computer can be set up to run CVSNT server or you can connect to an existing repository elsewhere on your network or over the internet. The versioning provided by CVSNT allows the files you have to be worked on in co-operation with other users and other computers on the network, and for the changes that are made by each person to be tracked. Several people can even work on the same files at the same time. At a convenient point in time commit your changes to the server and if necessary merge in other peoples changes too.

The CVSNT Wiki has been offline since late 2008.

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