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There are actually two CampWiki's.[edit]

[] is a resource for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, listing both campground information (organized by location), and information relevant to the outdoors. It was developed independently, and without knowledge of the existence of "" which this index page was developed for. It uses the same software as Wikipedia to maintain it's pages.

Wiki size: 206 article pages see stats[edit]

For anyone planning camps, team building, outdoor education, or any youth groups looking for new ideas! TheCampWiki contains hundreds of indoor, wide games, team building activities, craft ideas, theming ideas, books and much much more. If it isn't there, and you think it's relevant, please add it yourself or at least add a stub so we can know what areas to work on.

We aim to be the biggest camp resource on the internet, a central place for anyone involved with camp projects, to make camp and events planning as smooth and easy as possible.

Wiki size: 37 article pages see stats