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Campfire Wiki
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Welcome to the Campfire Wiki

The name of this wiki comes from the metaphor used by Biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying in their Darkhorse Podcast of the campfire not just as a tool for warmth and cooking, but also as 'a forge for ideas'. As Mathew Crawford has put it, "The goal of the wiki is to aggregate good information in one place where it won't be censored, thus adding scale, cooperation, and reducing duplication of efforts."

In this place we want to keep track of information on complex topics that is difficult if not impossible for the layperson to discover on their own. We have busy lives and the search for any truth demands full attention and our heady news environment provides an extra layer of challenge. Physicians, nurses, scientists, independent journalists, and more have been censored by the legacy media and Silicon Valley algorithms. The information they have does not reach the eyes and ears of the public and therefore hinders our ability to make informed choices. Those of us who have chosen to participate in this project reflect a similar broad range of skills and insights which we bring to this campfire to produce something together that we could not do alone.

We have begun this project with the most topical and pressing issue in mind first: the COVID-19 pandemic and the responses to it. From the very beginning much of what we were led to believe was incorrect. There is indeed a crowd madness around this subject. From the science on masks, early treatment, and vaccine safety much of the information has been hidden, thrown into the memory hole, and discarded as misinformation. Our knowledge base only grows by pitting ideas against one another publicly to see who has the evidence and argument to support their conclusions.