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Logo.png CanadianWiki
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Founded by: AHO Media
Status: Active
Language: English, French
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: GNU General Public License
Main topic: Online encyclopedia
Backups: 2019/02/02
Wiki Size: 993 pages see stats...

CanadianWiki was designed to give Canadians a place to feel free to create and edit articles, with fewer restrictions compared to more popular and well known MediaWiki based websites. The main site is for the English speaking communities in Canada, with a French version recently launched in 2019. CanadianWiki does welcome most article types as long as the creator can demonstrate the article is worth creating. CanadianWiki does allow most copyrighted images to be uploaded, while we suggest having permission to use any copyrighted images, CanadianWiki does follow removal requests from copyright holders.