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Founded by: Guaka
Status: Dormant
Language: English
Edit mode: ConfirmEmail
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Financial
Wiki Size: 482 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 4 info / verify ...

(Page count as of: 2021-06-23
wikiFactor as of: 2013-07-06)

Welcome to Cashwiki, the collaborative website about everything related to money: how to make money, how to make community money and how to go beyond money. It is a wiki, meaning that you can edit any article on this website, just like on Wikipedia. Information about new collaborative ways to make a sustainable living is especially welcome. It is started from texts available under the GFDL or in the public domain. It was created by Guaka on 20 September 2008. So far we have 482 articles.

Guaka has worked on many non-profit community wikis since 2003, and decided to try to make some money with the skills acquired. After starting, Cashwiki was the logical next step, a collaborative website to gather information on how to make money, to supercede money. Cashwiki is showing ads and if there will be considerable money coming in this money will be used to support other projects such as:

There is no clear editorial direction yet, this will all depend on you. In the beginning texts will be copied from various sources, such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Finwikian. The course of time will decide where we'll go. Guaka's preference goes to P2P-style ideas.

There are some ads - though feel very free to create an account and change to an ad-less skin.

In 2013, Cashwiki hasn't yet reached its potential. But we've started a new project that we expect to be more successful:, with tips and information about how to live without (or less) money and based on the Dutch This is also the reason we're starting a new Moneyless section on this wiki.