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Casualty wiki.png Casualty Wiki
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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Wikia
Main topic: Television

Casualty Wiki is a wiki about the long-running medical drama Casualty. It was created on 20th April 2009 by Solar Dragon but went inactive soon after. It was later resurrected in late August 2010.

After the announcement of Wikia's new skin, Solar Dragon moved Casualty Wiki to ShoutWiki, but the site became inactive again. It was eventually deleted in December 2010.

The original wiki at Wikia continues to be active, after being adopted by Eladkse.

Casualty Wiki is part of of Project Holby, a collaboration between itself and Holby City Wiki. The two sites work alongside each other and many pages feature interwiki links between the two.

Wiki Size: 712 pages see stats...