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This Category: Age is either empty, or sparsely populated,
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Include an article page in this category via one (or more) of three methods:
a. add Age in the appropriate field of its infobox template
b. 'tag' a word within the prose of the article, eg. {{tag|Age}}
c. add [[Category:Age]] at the bottom of its edit box.

For the parent category of the age of individual wiki sites listed here on WikiIndex, see: category: Wiki age.

Category:Age — age is a linear expanding variable which indicates the length of time that living objects of nature have been alive; specifically animals, most notably people, and also plants. Furthermore, age can be used in an identical manner for inanimate objects, inorganic substances, man-made products, and anything else open to imagination. This specific category contains wiki sites which refer to the the age of the above in their subject matter, either in part or as a whole.

Specifically here on WikiIndex, we use age to list how old individual wiki sites are. We list them by year, and their parent category is category: Wiki age.


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