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Category:AsiaAsia is a continent of the northern hemisphere of planet Earth. Asia consists of many countries, including Russia (RUS), the People's Republic of China (PRC), some states of the former Soviet Union (CCCP) that are now independent countries in their own right (other former Soviet states are now part of Europe). The large sub-continent of India is also part of Asia, and contains the countries India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the Himalayan countries Nepal and Bhutan. Other major Asian land-masses are the Korean peninsula containing North Korea and South Korea; the Malayan peninsula which contains Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Island nations belonging to Asia include Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and more.

Other northern hemisphere continents include Europe and North and Central America.

Ideally, this top-tier category should be empty, containing only sub-categories, unless an individual wiki clearly refers to this entire continent.


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