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Category:BBC — the BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, is the worlds' oldest and largest public broadcasting service, and arguably the best! It is governed by a Royal Charter, is non-commercial (meaning it does not carry advertsing, and therefore receives no revenue from advertsing), and its broadcasting services (television and radio) are funded by way of a Television Licence - aka the 'TV Licence' (whereby every UK household (or business) which has any equipment capable of receiving a television signal {so not just a conventional television set, but now also any kind of cable or satellite tuner/decoder, computer, gaming console or smartphone which is capable of connecting to the internet} must possess a valid TV Licence).

The BBC does have commercial subsidiary operations, such as 'BBC World' (which sells its own television programmes such as Top Gear, Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, etc, to other countries for profit); and also publishes a variety of magazines for sale.

This category contains wikis or other articles which have a connection in one way or another to the BBC.


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