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Category: Boilerplate — the templates contained in this category below are boilerplates for specific WikiIndex ' infoboxes'. These templates are created for simplicity, so that you merely 'copy and paste' their content into the new article you are creating, or to help with any existing article in need of improvement or updating.

Boilerplates contain the skeleton of the specific infobox template to which they refer to. They also contain specimen or typical detail required for each individual field within the infobox. Many boilerplates also contain 'hidden' help text to both act as an aid to the correct formatting of the required information, along with pointers to other pages where to find more in-depth help on the requirements of each individual field. Finally, some boilerplates may also contain further additional help required to complete the remainder of the article, specifically its prose description and other sections of an article outside the scope of the actual infobox template.