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Category:Continent — a continent is a significant and major land mass of planet Earth, totalling seven (7).[1]

Northern hemisphere (north of the equator) continents include Europe, North and Central America, and Asia. Southern hemisphere (south of the equator) continents include South America, Australasia and Oceania, and Antarctica. Africa is a continent that spans both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

In addition to these continents 'proper', some of the very large continents may be sub-divided. One notable example is India, which is a sub-continent of Asia. Europe is usually sub-divided into Western Europe and Eastern Europe; Africa is sub-divided into North Africa and Southern Africa.

Ideally, this top-tier category should be empty, containing only sub-categories, unless an individual wiki clearly refers to all continents of the planet Earth.

  1. 7 continents;


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