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Category: Dusk — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of wiki sites that use, or are able to use Dusk, a MediaWiki skin. Dusk skin is one of the oldest, if not the oldest WordPress themes to be ported over to MediaWiki. A reskinned version of Dusk, currently available as the green theme for the Dusk skin, was used as the main skin on Angela Beesley's now-defunct personal wiki, The theme functionality requires the Theme extension. The HTML output of Dusk is very similar to that of MonoBook's, with only some very minor differences. In the WordPress world, Dusk was succeeded by Dusk to Dawn, written by Automattic.

External links
  • Skin: Dusk — list of wiki sites using the Dusk skin, at (founded 2011), the wiki site for detailed information on all MediaWiki-powered websites, (ID: 21210)


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