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NoLogo.png Green Light Wiki
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Ben Kovitz
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Interface language: English
Programming language: Python
Software license: NoLicense
Status: Dead

The Green Light Wiki (also stylised The Green Light Wiki) was created in Python by Ben Kovitz[1] (the man who has suggested the wiki platform to the Wikipedia founders). This was an extremely basic, primitive former wiki engine; and whilst it supports basic wiki markup for editing, it does not have any 'preview' function. Furthermore, it has no revert function to 'undo' vandalism or spam (although you can manually select a previous 'version' from the edit history, copy and paste the content, and save that). Recent changes are not listed by year, and probably most crucially, it has no form of access control. It also has no facility for monitoring statistics for page count and views.

One notable difference, and standout feature, is the colour of its internal links, aka 'wikilinks'. Unlike other wiki engines which use blue, the Green Light Wiki uses green for its active wikilinks, although it still uses red for non-existent internal links.

The following 8 wikis were powered by the former Green Light Wiki wiki engine software (defunct since early 2013). They were also hosted at, and all wikis displayed GoogleAds as a column on the right side of their page(s).

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