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Category:GreyStuff — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of wiki sites that use, or are able to use GreyStuff, a MediaWiki skin. GreyStuff is a fixed-width grey skin intended to emphasise content over interface stuff, initially created in an attempt to write a skin in an hour. Obviously the attempt failed, but the skin was eventually written regardless. It mostly supports mobile with full tools (mileage may vary on how pleasant their interfaces become at mobile sizes).

Created by Isarra Yos, it was originally called 'LookMumASkin'. The name has only slightly improved since then.

External links
  • Skin: GreyStuff — list of wiki sites using the GreyStuff skin, at (founded 2011), the wiki site for detailed information on all MediaWiki-powered websites, (ID: 91257)

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