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hdwiki-logo.gif HDwiki, aka
Hudong wiki

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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Dr. Pan Haidong
Owner / CEO: Ltd.
Interface language: Chinese
Programming language: PHP
Software license: Multi license
Status: Active
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HDwiki is a wiki engine compiled in PHP, available in only Chinese language. Available as a free download (non-commercial) (for individual users),[1] the software is published under open source requirements. It has built-in visual editor, supplied with more than 100 templates, and an array of extensions to customise the look and feel of individual wikis. HDwiki is owned by Ltd., (China National Copyright Administration number: BJ16350), and was initially developed for use by Hudong Baike – its own wiki encyclopaedia, effectively a Chinese 'Wikipedia'. Ongoing development of HDwiki is driven by the requirements of Hudong Baike; the two are effectively mutual partners. HDwiki is also offered on a commercial basis, offering personalised services on a paid-for basis. HDwiki works in partnership with major Chinese, and global corporations, including Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, PHPCMS China, and even General Motors (GM).

HDwiki is designed and developed for Chinese users. The programme source code is 100% completely open. An efficient Chinese encyclopaedia website solution built with PHP and MySQL database can greatly satisfy the webmaster's website programme under the premise of respecting copyright. Conduct secondary development. HDwiki, China's first Chinese-language wiki system with independent intellectual property rights, was officially launched on 28 November 2006 by Interactive Online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (, and strives to provide a large number of wiki enthusiasts. A simple, easy-to-use, and powerful wiki building system (Enterprises, social groups, other users, and overseas users need to be officially authorised to use this system, see the Authorisation Centre). With the launch of HDwiki, HDwiki has won the favour of small and medium-sized webmasters and wiki lovers in terms of ease of use, and functional controllability. Currently, tens of thousands of websites have successfully built wiki sites and channels. For many small and medium-sized webmasters, HDwiki can provide a high-performance, comprehensive, secure and stable encyclopaedia website platform with the lowest cost and the least amount of manpower in the shortest time. More importantly, Interactive Encyclopaedia also provides comprehensive support for small and medium-sized webmasters to establish an encyclopaedia site.

For netizens and encyclopaedia enthusiasts, registering any website / encyclopaedia channel established by HDwiki software system will be able to enjoy the interactive knowledge experience brought by encyclopaedia conveniently and quickly, and can create / edit entries, add, and modify. Data, on-site SMS, encyclopaedia search, and many other basic encyclopaedia operations, as well as the mainstream forums such as Discuz!

After a long period of technical accumulation and collection and analysis of user needs, we have brought a new HDwiki6.0 to the majority of wiki enthusiasts, including a new interface UI, enterprise-level security protection, optimised integrated background management, and further enhancement. Load capacity, as well as multi-platform mobile end adaptation, all efforts are designed to provide you with the best quality wiki experience.[2]

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