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logo.png Hatta
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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Wiki engine founder
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
Interface language: English
Programming language: Python
Software license: GNU General Public License
Status: Active
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"Hatta is a wiki engine – software that lets you run a wiki. It requires no configuration, and can be easily started in any Mercurial repository".

Hatta, a re-write of the former Dandelion, is written in Python, and is released under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL v2) license without a fee.

"You can clone, merge and synchronize your wikis by cloning, merging or synchronizing the repositories. You can keep a local copy of it, and run Hatta locally on your laptop – then upload the changes when they are ready".

It looks like Hatta could be used to build a high-availability wiki. Building a wiki on top of a distributed version control system -- such as Mercurial -- may be good way to build a fault-tolerant, high-availability wiki.

The Hatta Wiki documents the Hatta Wiki Engine. Includes a list of features as well as "What Sucks".

  • View a detailed feature list of Hatta on the WikiMatrix wiki engine comparison wiki-site.

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