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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Interface language: English
Programming language: Perl
Software license: NoLicense
Status: Dead

Kwiki, a free and open source wiki engine written in Perl, aimed to be simple, modular, and easy to extend. Kwiki syntax was fairly typical for its time; CamelCase was used to create internal wikilinks, whereas alpha-numeric wikilinks had to be created using single square brackets, and single square brackets could also be used to display an alternative name for an existing wikilink. Numbered and bulleted lists were available, as were simple tables. A notable element of caution needed to be observed, though – trailing whitespaces should be avoided, as they cause formatting errors. Its documentation wiki was called Doolittle (full title: Doolittle Perl Module Documentation Server), found at A funky little plugin for Kwiki was an integrated weather button in the Kwiki toolbar. Other available plugins included themes or skins.

Sadly, Kwiki is now unavailable; the last development release (2.0) was in March 2007, and the last known good captures of the live Kwiki software website were saved by in April 2010. Its URL has been taken over by Asian cyber-squatters.

Kwiki would go on to form the basis for creation and development of the Socialtext enterprise wiki and weblog wiki engine.

Wikiwyg, located at[DeadEL -] – "a multi-mode wiki editor", is a WYSIWYG browser editor framework for wikis. It was designed to be pluggable on top of existing wiki engines, with little or no change to the wiki engine's core software. Wikiwyg has been successfully integrated with the following wiki engines: Socialtext, Kwiki, MediaWiki, Trac, and TWiki.

The following wikis are, or were powered by the Kwiki wiki engine.


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