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MW Zip
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Main topic: Wiki farm
Founded by: Wiki farm founder
(founder and CTO, etc)
Owner / CEO: MW Zip. (owner)
Engine: MediaWiki
Farm topic: Miscellaneous
Status: Dead
This MW Zip has been dead (offline) since mid-late 2016.

MW Zip was a specialised free MediaWiki host. The service was created for fast, reliable, and secure MediaWiki hosting. Its features were demonstrated on its MW Zip Demo Wiki.[1]

At MW Zip, the staff only hosted MediaWiki and nothing else. As such, the servers were tweaked for maximum wiki performance and stability.

Standard wikis had everything fully managed with our automated updates. Every wiki was fully separate and isolated, with no shared users and individual databases. This means they could be customised on a per-wiki basis without affecting any other hosted wiki.

Pro wikis were designed for expert users, and had the ability to connect via FTP and SSH2 (command line) for in-depth wiki customizing, such theme and LocalSettings.php editing, installing new extensions, database management, and running maintenance scripts.

MW Zip was founded in January 2014 as a paid managed MediaWiki host. Due to limited interest, in May 2014 the service was changed to free MediaWiki hosting. In July 2016, it was announced that MW Zip shut down, and as of December 2016, the MW Zip wiki farm is dead, its former URL redirects to unrelated spam.

External links
  • Farm: MWZIP (id: 226846) — list of wiki sites (active and defunct) hosted on the MW Zip wiki farm, at (founded 2011), the wiki site for detailed information on all MediaWiki-powered websites

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