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Category: Monitored by Wikistats v2 from Wikimedia Statistics — the wiki sites listed in this category here on WikiIndex are 'monitored by Wikistats v2 from Wikimedia Statistics'. Wikistats v2 is an official project of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), part of Wikimedia Statistics, used for publishing public statistics about all Wikimedia Foundation hosted wiki sites. The main purpose of Wikistats v2 is to "add context and motivate our editor community by providing a set of metrics through which users can see the impact of their contributions in the projects they are a part of".

In Wikistats 2.0 we are not only updating the website interface but we are also providing new access to all our edit data in an analytics-friendly form. The transition of relying on static, precomputed datasets generated periodically into APIs querying our data lake improves drastically (and fundamentally changes) the way, time and resources it takes to calculate edit metrics both for the WMF and the community.

 — Wikimedia Gitiles,

The original but now dormant Wikistats project from the Wikimedia Foundation, now known as Wikistats v1, was originally created a chap called Erik Zachte from The Netherlands (initially from 2003 a volunteer for Wikipedia, and since 2008 part of his job as Data Analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation).

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