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Category: Netherlands — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of wiki-related articles (and sub-categories) about the country of Netherlands; including wiki sites, people, places, language(s), and / or other pertinent information. The Netherlands (NL) is a sovereign country of Europe, ruled by a monarch and administered by a democratically elected parliament, and is also a member state of the European Union (EU). Part of the 'Benelux' (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) collective. Its official language is Dutch, although English is widely understood and spoken, and its people are also colloquially known as Dutch.

The Netherlands is geographically divided into major 'regions' (similar to say the constituent nations of the United Kingdom), the most commonly known region is Holland (which regularly but incorrectly gets confused with the entire country of The Netherlands!). This category is sub-divided into official Dutch provinces (roughly similar to British counties or German states [de: Lander]), which are then sub-divided to include major Dutch cities. Here you can find wikis that deal with Dutch regions, provinces, cities, and villages, along with local museums, universities, theme parks, national parks festivals, and anything else relating to The Netherlands.