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Category: Nostalgia — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of wiki sites that use, or are able to use Nostalgia, a MediaWiki skin. Nostalgia is a skin that resembles the interface of UseMod Wiki, the engine that originally powered Wikipedia in its first year (2001). Nostalgia is currently used on the Nostalgia Wikipedia, showing the look and content of Wikipedia as frozen in late 2001. It was part of core MediaWiki until MediaWiki 1.21, was removed in MediaWiki 1.22 (Gerrit #Ia6d73c), and is now available as a separate skin for posterity.

This skin is available to be used by wiki sites hosted by Miraheze.

Other wiki engines

Nostalgia is also used as the name of a skin from other wiki engines, including DokuWiki.

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