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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Status: Active
Interface language: English
Programming language: Perl
Software license: Perl 5 License

OpenGuides is a complete system for running a website about a subject where geographical location is important. It's mostly used to run guides to a town or city. It's an open source wiki-based web application written in Perl.


Our StructuredData is implemented via user-friendly individual text boxes rather than MediaWiki-style templates; see for example Sandbox edit on the Boston OpenGuide.

We chose to use SQL storage because it's flexible, and it allows guide admins to create customised queries and features; see for example the category search on the Randomness Guide to London. We included SQLite support for situations where running a proper database server isn't possible; SQLite is a complete SQL engine which stores all its data in a single file on disk. It does not use CamelCase.

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