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OpenWiki, poweredby.gif OpenWiki
[No About]
Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: Laurens Pit
Status: Dead
Interface language: English
Programming language: ASP
Software license: BSD License
Not to be confused with Category:OpenWikiNG

OpenWiki is was both an open source wiki engine and wiki farm since 2001. Hosted in Europe, the OpenWiki software had, for its time, a particularly great feature; namely, one of its syntax commands was 'Index' – this opened a page called 'Title Index', which displayed not only a conventional 'search box', but also a highly useful and advanced table consisting of individual clickable 'A to Z' letters and '0 to 9' numbers. To some, this might seem trivial, but even as of 2017, the mighty MediaWiki does not include this as standard; it needs to be generated by the creation of template, similar to our template:CategoryTOC. The original OpenWiki wiki engine was forked to OpenWikiNG, itself now also defunct. also hosted the home meta wiki, and its article is at Sadly, was closed late 2013 / early 2014 due to heavy spam. Its former Twitter feed at has been taken over by an unrelated Korean user, who now uses the domain, its wiki is at, and uses DokuWiki.


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