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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: David Weekly (founder & chairman, former CEO)
Owner / CEO: Coceve, Inc. (original owner)
???? (current owner)
Interface language: English
Programming language: PHP
Software license: Commercial License
Status: Active
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Originally known as 'PeanutButterWiki',[1] PBwiki (also stylised pbwiki) is a wiki engine created by David Weekly,[2] as a loose fork roughly based on the earlier TipiWiki.

In January 2008, the following was stated by PBwiki:[3]

We launched PBwiki in June 2005. Within 48 hours, we had over 1000 wikis created. Today we have over 300,000 wikis and millions of pages of user-created content. From university professors to gamers, fashionistas to entrepreneurs, PBwiki users are creating the future of sharing information and creating communities. PBwiki, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation.

There is also an 'official wiki for PBwiki' called 'Yummy'.[4]

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Wiki farm from its outset also operated as a wiki farm. The site still hosts wikis for education and business purposes, but was renamed PBworks, and its URI moved to In January 2008, PBwiki hosted over 300,000 wikis.[3] As of July 2021, PBworks hosts over one million (1,000,000) wikis powered by PBwiki![5] This means that PBwiki is by far the largest used wiki engine, and PBworks is the largest wiki farm.

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The following wikis are hosted at [dead link] wiki farm, and are powered by the former PBwiki (now known as PBworks) wiki engine.

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