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Category: Personal video recorder — this category here on WikiIndex contains wiki sites whose subject matter is the specific technology known as the personal video recorder, commonly abbreviated PVR.

PVRs are specifically used for the recording of 'digital television broadcasting' (officially known as Digital Video Broadcasting or DVB) video, audio, and multimedia output.

PVRs are the modern replacement for the original VHS and/or Betamax video cassette recorder (VCR), and the later DVD recorders; and instead of using an ejectable/removable recording media such as magnetic cassette tape or optical DVD to record video; PVRs record their media directly onto an integral hard-disk drive (HDD). PVRs are ideally suited to digital television broadcasting (DVB); either terrestrial (DVB-T) via a rooftop aerial, via a cable (DVB-C), or satellite (DVB-S) via a wall- or floor-mounted satellite dish – in-so-much that the broadcast signal is transmitted in the digital format, and the recording method is also entirely digital; the advantage being no quality is lost (as would be the case in an analogue to digital conversion or vice-versa).

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