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Main topic: Wiki farm
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Engine: MediaWiki
Farm topic: Commercial
Status: Active
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ProWiki, operated by Professional.Wiki (officially Professional.Wiki – Jeroen De Dauw & Karsten Hoffmeyer GbR), a wiki company based in Berlin, Germany, is a paid-for MediaWiki hosting service where users can host their own MediaWiki sites.[1]

The service started as a paid service on 26 April 2022, and requires a minimum charge of EUR 7.00 per month including VAT[2] to have a hosted wiki.

Startup benefits
  • Two week trial period before the recurring hosting fee starts to be charged
  • No startup or setup costs
  • Wiki available immediately after choosing the plan and completing a short setup dialog[3]

The wiki plans available allow the wiki owners to choose whatever extension is available via their plan through a specialised admin panel. This panel also makes giving feedback and reporting issues easy.

Feature highlights[4]
  • 100% free of advertising
  • Allows for private wikis
  • Allows for custom domains depending on plan
  • Unlimited users and pages
  • Structured data via Semantic MediaWiki or Wikibase
  • Anti spam settings
  • Wiki owner retains full control of their wiki

The ProWiki service will not host inappropriate material, such as pornographic content or other highly debatable content.

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