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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: several
Owner / CEO: Cook879
Engine: MediaWiki
Status: Active
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Category:ShoutWiki — this category contains wiki sites hosted by ShoutWiki, a British MediaWiki wiki farm.

ShoutWiki Limited[2] is a free, ad-supported (GoogleAds) wiki hosting service – aka a WikiFarm, which uses the MediaWiki software. ShoutWiki offer three different types of a wiki, of which each one has different features: public wikis, private wikis and school/university wikis.


ShoutWiki's staff consists of MediaWiki developers and editors who have plenty of experience with the software. It is currently headed by Cook879 and Lcawte.[1] The full list of ShoutWiki staff are as follows:[3]


Unlike many other wiki farms, ShoutWiki offers additional available functions compared to a standard MediaWiki installation. One notable example is social tools - features like user profiles, boards, friending and foeing, gifts, awards, and so on - which can be used to enhance the wiki experience and make editing more fun and appealing. However, it should also be noted that some standard MediaWiki features are disabled on ShoutWiki.[please clarify]

Major outages

ShoutWiki had a major outage on 17 June 2011, that lasted until around 10 January 2012. Since it took this long time to set up a new server, and probably many wikis would have been moved to another host, staff decided that they'll recover existing wikis on demand.

On 3 March 2012, there was another major outage. This time, however, there was a problem with the backup system; and all edits made since the last recover were lost, so nothing had been recovered since 17 June 2011.


There are backups for some of the ShoutWiki wikis at the As of 6 June 2012, there are instant database dumps available for individual wikis. See here.

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