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a non-linear personal web notebook

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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Jeremy Ruston
Owner / CEO: originally: Jeremy Ruston (owner)
subsequently: UnaMesa Association (owner)
Interface language: English
Programming language: JavaScript
Software license: BSD License
Status: Active
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TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook, is a wiki engine compiled from JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, and is a single-file application, originally created by Jeremy Ruston from London, England.

It is designed to run on any modern browser without any server-side requirements, and is highly customisable with an active community of developers and users. It uses only text files for data-storage, and uses most of the traditional wiki syntax methods; including CamelCase, free links, backlinks, and interwiki. TiddlyWiki is released as Free and Open Source (FOSS) under the BSD License.

TiddlyWiki can be used for personal, self-contained hypertext documents that can be posted to any web-server, sent by e-mail, stored on a cloud, or kept on a USB memory stick to create a 'wiki on a stick'.

When clicking on a TiddlyWiki URL from within an existing TiddlyWiki page, it opens a new 'tab' within the same page, called a 'tiddler'. These individual tiddler tabs can be then individually closed, without navigating away from your former page. Members of TiddlyWiki communities, such as users, developers, etc are also colloquially known as a 'tiddler' (similar say to the more recent Wikipedian or Wikian).

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