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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: WikiEngineFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiEngineCEO
Status: Active
Interface language: English
Programming language: JavaScript
Software license: BSD License

TiddlyWiki is a wiki engine compiled from JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, and is a single-file application, originally created by Jeremy Ruston.

It is designed to run on any modern browser without any server-side requirements, and is highly customizable with an active community of developers and users. It uses only text files for datastorage, uses most of the traditional wiki syntax methods, including CamelCase, free links, backlinks and interwiki. It is released as Free and Open Source (FOSS) under the BSD License.

TiddlyWiki can be used for personal, self-contained hypertext documents that can be posted to any web-server, sent by e-mail or kept on a USB memory stick.

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