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Main topic: Wiki Engine
Founded by: Luis Argerich
Owner / CEO: Owner and/or CEO
(owner and/or CEO)
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: PHP
Software license: GNU Lesser General Public License
Status: Active
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Include an article page in this category via one (or more) of three methods:
a. add TikiWiki in the appropriate field of its infobox template
b. 'tag' a word within the prose of the article, as in {{tag|TikiWiki}}
c. add [[Category:TikiWiki]] at the bottom of its edit box.

These sites use TikiWiki CMS Groupware, which includes a wiki engine, along with a bug tracker, forums, blog, etc.

Tiki is a free and open source software (FOSS) project. Tiki Software Community Association, a non-profit entity, is a member of the Open Source Initiative. Tiki® and TikiWiki® are registered trademarks of the Tiki Software Community Association.

Tiki has a few 'meta' wikis available for TikiWiki users; including its main Tiki Community wiki found at, the Tiki Development wiki at, and its Tiki Documentation wiki is at Further official Tiki sites include their Tiki Translation wiki at, whilst Tiki i18n wiki at is where specific translation is carried out. A marketplace for themes at Tiki Themes located at, whilst their Tiki Profiles found at offers help and suggestions for configuring a Tiki install using some of their extensive features. Their Tiki Suite wiki at is the place to get information working with the entire range of software apps for server, desktop, web and mobile which are available under the FLOSS principle. Tiki & PluginR training wiki found at is for specific help with their 'PluginR'. Tiki for Education wiki ( is the place to collate and share information when Tiki is used educational establishments. Tiki Branding wiki at is an extensive guide to ensure a uniform compliance with the official Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware brand identity. The sole purpose of Tiki Security wiki at is to disseminate information on how to keep Tiki secure and up to date.

TikiWiki size information
add /tiki-listpages.php at the end of the URL – eg.
TikiWiki wikiFactor information
go to the /tiki-wiki_rankings.php page of the wiki –
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  • — is the Tiki sandbox site where anyone can experiment with server-level configuration for all currently available Tiki versions