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Webarchitects –
Ecological and Dissident Hosting

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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: Wiki farm founder
(founder and CTO, etc)
Owner / CEO: Webarch Co-operative Limited
Engine: MediaWiki
Status: Active

Webarchitects, from Webarch Co-operative Limited can provide supported MediaWiki sites on our shared hosting packages, with HTTPS certificates, running in our data centre in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom, powered by green energy.[1]

Webarchitects provides a Parsoid server for MediaWiki sites we host which enables the WYSIWYG VisualEditor to be enabled, and this makes complex wiki editing possible without having to learn wiki syntax.

There are a huge number of MediaWiki extensions and we can help with the installation and configuration of these.

Examples of MediaWiki sites we host for clients include the Badge Wiki and the CRIN Wiki.

We install MediaWiki using our Ansible playbooks and we also have some MediaWiki help documentation on our own wiki – WebarchDocs.

  1. Green Energy;; Webarchitects, Webarch Co-operative Limited; accessed: 19 September 2019.

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