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Wetpaint is sadly no more :-(, inc.
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: WikiFarmFounder
Owner / CEO: Ben Elowitz (CEO)
Engine: CustomEngine
Status: Dead

Wetpaint was a wiki company and wiki farm which offered free hosted wiki websites to anyone who wanted to create one. The company's product offered visual (WYSIWYG) editing and threaded comments, using its own unique wiki engine. It was financially supported by contextual advertising. Wetpaint wikis were editable (obviously), but the edit button is in near the top left, unlike MediaWiki wikis. Wiki sites that utilised Wetpaint technology included wikiCancer, wikiFido, BobDylanwiki, wikiGOP, Independent Film Database, Everything Wiki, and a public testing site entitled wikiSandbox. Wetpaint licenses third-party use of the Collective Content and Submissions under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 unported license (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0).[1]

The company,, inc., was located in Seattle, Washington, USA, and received its initial venture capital funding from Trinity Ventures and Frazier Technology Ventures.

Wetpaint launched its private beta program in March 2006, and became publicly accessible in June 2006. In March 2006, Wetpaint was named the winner of the 'Wikis (Hosted)' category by the SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards. The award stated: "Wetpaint promises to be a gorgeous wiki with easy to edit pages and a customizable look. It's a community-oriented project that demonstrates a number of uses and great potential for growth."[2]

Sometime during July 2013, the entire collection of Wetpaint wikis were sold to a new company: WikiFoundry, Inc. Transition to this new company was scheduled for approximately one week, and all existing Wetpaint wikis would be transferred to the new domain, continuing as a subdomain in the same format as Wetpaint, ie; moved to Wetpaint hosted wiki redirects to for a year. From late 2014, the Wetpaint wiki site, along with all wikis remaining on the domain were taken offline for good.

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