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Category:Wiki Licence Art Libre — this category here on WikiIndex contains wiki sites with content licensed under the Licence Art Libre (LAL - in French), also known as the Free Art License (FAL - in English). The full text of this copyleft license for free content from France can be found here.

The Licence Art Libre has been released in three iterations, the current valid iteration as follows:

Prior to the above current iteration, the former LAL / FAL iterations are listed below:

The Free Art License (or FAL) is a contract that applies the concept of 'copyleft' to artistic creation. It authorises any third party (natural or legal person), having accepted its conditions, to copy, share and modify a work, for free or commercial use, provided that it is always possible to copy, share and modify it.

For any work explicitly covered under FAL, you can:

  • make copies regardless of the number, destination and purpose (free or commercial use),
  • modify these copies, translate them, adapt them, integrate them in other works, as well as using all or parts of them,
  • share these copies, or the work you have created from these copies, for free or commercial use,
  • you do not owe any remuneration to the author of the copies, unless prior agreement between you and the author of the copies. Any agreement must be in accordance with the specifications of the FAL.

FAL was created in July 2000, following the Copyleft Attitude meetings that took place at 'Accès Local' and 'Public', two places of contemporary art in Paris. It was written thanks to the contributions of the mailing list and in particular with Melanie Clément-Fontaine and David Geraud, jurists, and Isabelle Vodjdani and Antoine Moreau, artists.

FAL is valid in all countries that have signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1886) (this convention establishes an international legal framework for literary and artistic rights).

See also: WikiArtLibre.
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