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Wikispot logo.png Wiki Spot
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: WikiFarmFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiFarmCEO
Engine: Sycamore
Status: Active

Wiki Spot, co-founded by Philip Neustrom, is a non-profit, member-supported effort dedicated to helping communities use and maintain wikis – a wiki farm.

"We provide the means for communities anywhere in the world to initiate, maintain, publicize and fund wikis. We provide a trusting home for wikis through our service, encourage development of collaborative software, and promote adoption of the wiki as a tool for enriching communities".

Wikis with community benefit can create wikis free of charge, including any Creative Commons license they want. See the Wiki Directory for a list of Wiki Spot wikis.

Wiki Size: 1,883 pages see stats...
(As of: 08 January 2014)

The site has a building community guide

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The following wiki sites are hosted by the wiki farm Wiki Spot.

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