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For wiki sites with Wu Chinese as their subject-matter, see: category: Wu Chinese.

Category: Wiki Wu Chinese — this category here on WikiIndex contains wiki sites and / or wiki engines that are written in Wu Chinese, irrespective of their subject-matter. For wiki sites written in languages other than Wu Chinese, see category:Wiki language for an appropriate selection, and for wikis written in more than one language, see category:Wiki Multilingual.

Wu (traditional Chinese: 吳語; simplified Chinese: 吴语; Wu romanisation and IPA: wu6 gniu6 [ɦu˩˩˧.n̠ʲy˩˩˧] (Shanghainese), ng2 gniu6 [ŋ̍˨˨˦.n̠ʲy˨˧˩] (Suzhounese), Mandarin pinyin and IPA: Wúyǔ [u³⁵ y²¹⁴]) (ISO 639-3wuu; Glottologwuch1236[1]) is a major group of Sinitic languages, one of the major divisions of the Chinese languages spoken primarily in the municipality of Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, and the part of Jiangsu Province south of the Yangtze River, which makes up the cultural region of Wu. In China, the Wu language has no official status, no legal protection, and there is no officially sanctioned romanisation.

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