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Include an article page in this category via one (or more) of three methods:
a. add Wikia logo in the appropriate field of its infobox template
b. 'tag' a word within the prose of the article, eg. {{tag|Wikia logo}}
c. add [[Category:Wikia logo]] at the bottom of its edit box.

For wiki sites which deal with logos as their subject matter (including logo creation), see: Category:Logos.
See also: Logo (disambiguation).

Category:Wikia logo — this category here on WikiIndex contains logos of wiki sites of Wikia, Inc., currently branded as 'Fandom'. All copyrights are retained by their respective owners.

The logo images are saved here and displayed on WikiIndex for use under the 'fair use' terms and provisions of the United States copyright law; in an identical manner to which all logos (commercial or otherwise) stored and used on Wikia wikis are used. They are used here on WikiIndex for non-commercial, educational purposes, and should have no detrimental effect upon the value of any copyright. In fact, this use should help to enhance the copyright's value, since it is helping to publicise the Wikia owned Fandom wikis.

Logo image files for Wikia / Fandom wiki sites are automatically included in this category when the {{Wikia logo of}} template is used on the 'File:' page of said logo. In order to correctly use this template, it is important to add the actual page-name of the Wikia / Fandom article after a 'pipe' in the template: | – as in:

{{Wikia logo of|Peanuts Wiki (en)}}

If you need to use it for a Wikia / Fandom category, include a colon after the pipe:

{{Wikia logo of|:category: Ja.Wikia}}

For generic, non-Wikia logos, please use our 'default' logo tagging template: {{WikiLogoOf}}. For Wikimedia Foundation-specific logos, please use: {{WMF logo of}}. For other specific logos, please see template:File / image templates table.

Please do not manually categorise logo images, ie; do not use [[Category:Wikia logo]], [[Category:WikiLogo]], [[Category:Images]], or similar file or image categories in the edit box of the image file page. Also, if you are a 'HotCat' user, please do not use that either.

See also: uncategorised image files.

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