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Category:Wikibooks — this category contains Wikibooks – open content textbooks – of various languages which have been created here on WikiIndex. Please help us by clicking on the red links and add the remainder.

WikibooksThink free. Learn free. – is a collection of open content textbooks, and is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikibooks project was started 10 July 2003 – originally titled WikiBooks, and is now also the home of Wikijunior.

All Wikibooks in these languages: (edit)

As of May 2017, Wikimedia Meta-Wiki indicates that there are 121 different Wikibooks language versions. However, sadly, some of the language versions failed to gain traction, and 44 versions have been abandoned and are now closed. Below are all known Wikibooks wikis in various languages listed here on WikiIndex:

Original WikiBooks logo

10,000+: Deutsch (de), English (en), Français (fr), Magyar (hu), 日本語 (ja)
1,000+: Català (ca), Česky (cs), Dansk (da), Español (es), (فارسی (fa), Suomi (fi), עברית (he), Hrvatski (hr), Bahasa Indonesia (id), Italiano (it), 한국어 (ko), Nederlands (nl), Norsk (bokmål) (no), Polski (pl), Português (pt), Русский (ru), Shqip (sq), Српски / Srpski (sr), Svenska (sv), ไทย (th), Türkçe (tr), Tiếng Việt (vi), 中文 (zh)
100+: Anglo Saxon (ang), العربية (ar), Azərbaycanca (az), Български (bg), বাংলা (bn), Чăвашла (cv), Ελληνικά (el), Esperanto (eo), Eesti (et), Galego (gl), हिन्दी (hi), Հայերեն (hy), Interlingua (ia), Íslenska (is), ქართული (ka), қазақша (kk), Latina (la), Limburgs (li), Lietuvių (lt), Македонски (mk), മലയാളം (ml), मराठी (mr), Bahasa Melayu (ms), Occitan (oc), Română (ro), සිංහල (si), Simple English (simple), Slovenčina (sk), Slovenščina (sl), தமிழ் (ta), Tagalog (tl), Tatarça (tt), Українська (uk), (اردو (ur)
10+: Afrikaans (af), Asturianu (ast), Беларуская (be), Bosanski (bs), Corsu (co), Cymraeg (cy), Euskara (eu), Frysk (fy), Interlingue (ie), ភាសាខ្មែរ (km), Kurdî / كوردي (ku), Kırgızca (ky), Latviešu (lv), Malagasy (mg), नेपाली (ne), ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa), संस्कृतम् (sa), Kiswahili (sw), తెలుగు (te), Тоҷикӣ (tg), تركمن / Туркмен (tk), O‘zbek (uz), Bân-lâm-gú (zh-min-nan)
1+: Afar (aa), Akana (ak), Alemannisch (als), অসমীয়া (as), Aymar (ay), Башҡорт (ba), Bamanankan (bm), Bod skad (bo), Chamoru (ch), Gaeilge (ga), Avañe'ẽ (gn), Gothic (got), ગુજરાતી (gu), ಕನ್ನಡ (kn), कश्मीरी - (كشميري (ks), Lëtzebuergesch (lb), Lingala (ln), Монгол (mn), Ekakairũ Naoero (na), Nahuatl (nah), Plattdüütsch (nds), (پښتو (ps), Runa Simi (qu), Rumantsch (rm), Sámegiella (se), Basa Sunda (su), Oyghurque (ug), Volapük (vo), Walon (wa), isiXhosa (xh), Yorùbá (yo), Cuengh (za), isiZulu (zu)
0: Bislama (bi), Māori (mi), Myanmasa (my)

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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), founded 20 June 2003, is the non-profit organization responsible for a very large number (over 900 in total) of very active wikis, grouped together and known as 'projects'; as well as the wiki engine software initially developed by themselves, known as MediaWiki. The Foundations' major wiki projects include Wikipedia (encyclopedias), Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikiquote (quotations), Wikibooks (open content textbooks), Wikisource (free content primary and secondary source texts), Wikinews (news source), Wikiversity (open learning community), Wikispecies (free species directory), and many others as listed below. Most of these projects have separate wiki versions written in many different languages. There is also the Wikimedia Commons (shared repository for images, videos and other media files), Wikidata (central space knowledge base for data used on all WMF projects), and the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (coordination of issues common to all Wikimedia projects). The Foundations' global reach is nurtured in its Incubator, where all new language versions for all projects are initiated and developed before being rolled out. Its most recent major project, Wikivoyage (a 'travelpedia'), was inducted to WMF in late 2012.

Wikimedia Foundation is a member of the Open Source Initiative.

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