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Wikiquote is a collection of wiki compendium of quotations from notable people and creative works in many different languages. A project of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), all Wikiquote versions are released under a dual-license; those being the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL, or GFDL), and the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (CC-BY-SA).

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As of October 2012, Wikimedia Meta-Wiki indicates that there are 88 different Wikiquote language versions.

10,000+: English Wikiquote (en), Italian Wikiquote (it), Polish Wikiquote (pl)
1,000+: Bulgarian Wikiquote (bg), Bosnian Wikiquote (bs), Czech Wikiquote (cs), German Wikiquote (de), Greek Wikiquote (el), Esperanto Wikiquote (eo), Spanish Wikiquote (es), Persian Wikiquote (fa), Finnish Wikiquote (fi), French Wikiquote (fr), Hebrew Wikiquote (he), Hungarian Wikiquote (hu), Indonesian Wikiquote (id), Limburgish Wikiquote (li), Lithuanian Wikiquote (lt), Dutch Wikiquote (nl), Portuguese Wikiquote (pt), Russian Wikiquote (ru), Slovak Wikiquote (sk), Slovenian Wikiquote (sl), Swedish Wikiquote (sv), Turkish Wikiquote (tr), Ukrainian Wikiquote (uk), Chinese Wikiquote (zh)
100+: Afrikaans Wikiquote (af), Arabic Wikiquote (ar), Azerbaijani Wikiquote (az), Catalan Wikiquote (ca), Welsh Wikiquote (cy), Danish Wikiquote (da), Estonian Wikiquote (et), Basque Wikiquote (eu), Galician Wikiquote (gl), Hindi Wikiquote (hi), Croatian Wikiquote (hr), Armenian Wikiquote (hy), Icelandic Wikiquote (is), Japanese Wikiquote (ja), Georgian Wikiquote (ka), Korean Wikiquote (ko), Kurdish Wikiquote (ku), Malayalam Wikiquote (ml), Norwegian (Nynorsk) Wikiquote (nn), Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikiquote (no), Romanian Wikiquote (ro), Simple English Wikiquote (simple), Albanian Wikiquote (sq), Serbian Wikiquote (sr), Tamil Wikiquote (ta), Telugu Wikiquote (te), Thai Wikiquote (th), Vietnamese Wikiquote (vi)
10+: Anglo-Saxon Wikiquote (ang), Asturian Wikiquote (ast), Belarusian Wikiquote (be), Breton Wikiquote (br), Gujarati Wikiquote (gu), Kazakh Wikiquote (kk), Kannada Wikiquote (kn), Kirghiz Wikiquote (ky), Latin Wikiquote (la), Luxembourgish Wikiquote (lb), Marathi Wikiquote (mr), Sundanese Wikiquote (su), Urdu Wikiquote (ur), Uzbek Wikiquote (uz), Wolof Wikiquote (wo), Min Nan Wikiquote (zh-min-nan)
1+: Alemannic Wikiquote (als), Amharic Wikiquote (am), Bambara Wikiquote (bm), Corsican Wikiquote (co), Cree Wikiquote (cr), Irish Wikiquote (ga), Kanuri Wikiquote (kr), Kashmiri Wikiquote (ks), Cornish Wikiquote (kw), Nauruan Wikiquote (na), Low Saxon Wikiquote (nds), Quechua Wikiquote (qu), Turkmen Wikiquote (tk), Tatar Wikiquote (tt), Uyghur Wikiquote (ug), Volapük Wikiquote (vo), Zhuang Wikiquote (za)

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The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (WMF), founded 20 June 2003, is the wiki company and non-profit charitable organization[1] responsible for a very large number (over 900 in total) of very active wiki sites, grouped together and known as 'projects'; as well as the wiki engine software initially developed by themselves, known as MediaWiki. The Wikimedia Foundations' major wiki projects include Wikipedia (encyclopedias), Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikiquote (quotations), Wikibooks (open content textbooks), Wikisource (free content primary- and secondary-source texts), Wikinews (news source), Wikiversity (open learning community), Wikispecies (free species directory), and many others as listed below. Most of these projects have separate wiki site versions written in many different languages. There is also the Wikimedia Commons (shared repository for documents, images, videos, and other media and text files), Wikidata (central space knowledge base for data used on all WMF projects), and the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (coordination of issues common to all Wikimedia projects). The Wikimedia Foundations' global reach is nurtured in its Incubator, where all new language versions for all projects are initiated and developed before being launched as a new separate wiki site. The Foundations' most recent major project, Wikivoyage (a 'travelpedia'), was inducted to WMF in late 2012.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Furthermore, the Wikimedia Foundation is a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, granted April 2005, headquartered at 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco County, State of California 94104, United States of America.[2]

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