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Wikkii.jpg Wikkii
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Main topic: WikiFarm
Founded by: WikiFarmFounder
Owner / CEO: WikiFarmCEO
Engine: MediaWiki
Status: Dead

Category:Wikkii — this category contains wikis which are were hosted on the Wikkii wiki farm. Wikkii is was a free British wiki farm that provided fully featured hosting for wikis on any topic, using the popular MediaWiki software, and best of all it was 100% free. Wikkii hosted over 3,000 wiki sites; most of these are a sub-domain of either or – ie: Any wikis which had their own domain did not seem to be affected by the outage of October 2012.

The new owners seem to have abandoned upkeep of the site. Pages load very slowly, if at all. According to various editors, the owners have not responded to enquiries concerning the site. See this unofficial Facebook site for more info. Also this Facebook thread.

It is no longer possible to create wikis on Wikkii, as there is not way to create new user accounts, and loading alternative domains result in a plaintext "access denied" message.

Somewhere around 2014, the site went out of service altogether.

See User:Emijrp/Wikkii for a bot-generated list of all wikis hosted on Wikkii.
  • Wikkii.Org — create free wiki pages (offline as of November 2013)
  • — free wiki hosting, with limited customisation (offline as of June 2014)
  • — free advanced fully featured wiki hosting, with Cpanel and FTP access (offline as of February 2014)
  • forums — Wikkii support forums (offline as of February 2014)


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