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I much prefer the word Weblog and am proposing to move this page. What do others think? MarkDilley

ahem, you don't get to choose, Master Dilley. :-) Tagging is a process where people put their own tags on pages. We might all disagree about terminology, but with tagging, that's totally fine. All our tags can go on the pages in question. That's one reason for the RelatedCategories process, to take care of synonyms. In my opinion ... forget it, my opinion about blog/weblog is irrelevant. What matters is there's no reason to agree. Just do the RelatedCategories thing and forget about it. Then people tagging wikis will be fine no matter which way they go. TedErnst | talk 10:42, 16 May 2006 (EDT)

Thanks for the condescension Mr Ernst. :-) I understand tagging. Since it was the people actually working on adding pages, I felt it a more open question. But I agree people put their own tags. Which I have done, related categories and all. MarkDilley

Okay, I've gone back and put the blog tag or category back on the ones you took off. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning for taking tags off a page. Sure, if there's a barbie tag on a surfing wiki, fine, take it off. But if it's a term that does apply to that wiki, I'm not why removing info is a good idea. Adding more tags with your preferred term seems very appropriate, by the way. TedErnst | talk 11:22, 17 May 2006 (EDT)
We can have both tags on any of these pages. That way people that like to use the word "weblog" will be happy and be able to find the wikis they want and the people that use the word "blog" will be similarly happy and be able to find the wikis they want. Is this okay with you? TedErnst | talk 16:30, 17 May 2006 (EDT)

I don't exactly agree with either of you... I'm with Mark on the idea of making categories systematic and really meaningful by collapsing down to a single standard term. But I don't agree with Mark that "Weblog" is the proper term to collapse to. I'd rather use some sort of "community respecting criteria" for collapsing down to one term the ones I tried said that "Blog" was preferred by lots of actual speakers.

Why collapse at at all? There are categories for Weblog, Weblogs, Blog, Blogs, and Blogging. That seems rediculous to me. Unless every one of these categories has the same list of wikis in them it makes someone looking for a wiki go through a bunch of work to see "all their options" at the same time. It also encourages diligent wiki promoters to list every remotely useful "variant category" in case that's the one that people somehow find to link into their wiki's page. Such mass listing will lead to "category spamming" in the long run. Thus, I'd prefer to make the vocabulary a *bit* more controlled to make it more useful and then delete the categories that are officially "nonstandard". The nonstandard categories will be red and easily to find and fix by hunting around in Special:Uncategorizedcategories or Special:Wantedcategories. A sign of a well maintained wiki would be having those special pages have very very few entries.

Why "Blog" instead of "Weblog"? Wikipedia redirects Weblog -> Blog (instead of vice versa). Also Google says there are 2.5 billion pages on the net that say "blog" and only 280 million that say "weblog". I don't particularly care either way... but I care that we can settle such disagreements in some trivial way that accesses how people are actually speaking and writing "out in the world". Both the methods I suggested result from aggregated language behavior and they both agree... that's good enough for me :-)

- JenniferForUnity 02:58, 20 October 2006 (EDT)


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